Acting Out Family Adventure 2021

Theater Camp for a Families with a Twist of Outdoor Adventure

Final Bow for Under the Shadow of the Moose, Acting Out 2018

Acting Out 2021 – July 9 – 14, 2021
We are headed to the WILD WEST!

Families that act together have more fun! Campers of all ages will audition, rehearse and put on a public performance (if social distancing allows) of an original musical by Ben Regan.

ONE MORE TIME IN THE WEST – Take a trip out west and back in time… to Elmwood, Wyoming, where the rivers gleam with gold and the locals couldn’t be any friendlier. Most of them anyway… You’ll meet rowdy cowboys, miners looking to stake their claim, and a couple of loveable outlaws on the run from back east. Will they make their new home in Elmwood? Can they help save the town from the ruthless big shot trying to buy up all the mines? Or will the bumbling detectives trailing them from the east coast finally catch their quarry? Mayhem, mystery, mistaken identity, and music awaits. Come be a part of the action!

When campers aren’t rehearsing, they will participate in traditional summer camp activities – swimming, hiking, kayaking, field games, crafts and more!

Acting Out Family Adventure is 1,500.00 per cabin, up to 6 people. There are 4 cabins available. Each cabin will house one family unit (household or “Bubble”). At least one person must be an adult and will be fully responsible for all minors from their cabin. Cabins will provide their own meals and travel accommodations. Sly Brook Adventure Staff will provide activities each day and families can sign up and participate in everything or some things. Groups of adults from the same “bubble” may reserve a cabin, but must be prepared for family style adventures which could include children from the other families. Alcohol use should be minimal and limited to your cabin.