Sly Brook Adventure

A week of Outdoor Adventure including Archery, Fly Fishing & Tying, Kayaking, Swimming, Mountian Climbing and more!

All ready to kayak down Fish River!

The Sly Brook Adventure is full of outdoor fun! Families will have time to relax together in between daily scheduled activities like field games, crafts, canoeing or kayaking down Fish River or up Eagle Lake, swimming, mountain climbing, hiking to Fish River Falls or one of many trails located in Northern Aroostook County, Archery practice, fly tying and casting and of course, campfires to end the day!

Family Camp is booked by the cabin. There are 4 cabins available. Each cabin will house one family unit or household. Cost is dependent on the cabin. At least one person must be an adult and will be fully responsible for the minors from their cabin. Cabins will provide their own meals and travel accommodations. Sly Brook Adventure Staff will provide activities each day and families can sign up and participate in everything or only some things. Groups of adults from the same “bubble” may reserve a cabin but must be prepared for family style adventures which could include children from the other families. Alcohol use should be minimal and limited to your cabin.